October 21, 2012

FINDERS KEEPERS opens this Thursday

FINDERS KEEPERS opens this Thursday, 25 October.

FINDERS KEEPERS is a show without a gallery, on the streets and laneways of Collingwood in Melbourne. 

In an act of ambush exhibiting FINDERS KEEPERS, a solo show, is timed to be on the same night as the Collingwood Arts Precinct Open Night, a yearly event held by five commercial galleries around my studio, which is aimed at attracting art lovers and collectors to the area. 

As people wander between the five galleries they'll also be walking through my show. FINDERS KEEPERS is not only for the art aficionados though. Placing the works on the street gives me the opportunity to present my work directly to a larger audience. The many druggies hipsters and monied dog walkers of the area are all welcome. 

Presenting recent works on found wood FINDERS KEEPERS will be a chance to literally discover my works and if you are so moved, keep them. Signed and dated, the works will be strategically placed in the area bordered by Derby, Smith, Peel and Wellington Streets.

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