Troy Mendham lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to conventional gallery exhibitions Troy Occasionally leaves works in various public places around the world for people to find in acts of what he calls 'ambush exhibiting' #ambushexhibiting.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Future Relic Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne.
2014 I wish I could keep liking this and you would get tones of likes BC I just wanna look at this forever!!!!! Fort Delta Melbourne.
2013 Champion Breed Seventh, Melbourne.
2012 We had an ordeal none of us has forgotten, but each of us is still sailing. Nowadays I do my best to keep nature on my side. A Small Space Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2013 The Story of the Creative Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York.
2012 Un:sighted (Co-Curator), Fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne.
2011 From the Neck Up Smart Alec Melbourne.
1994 Top Cats, Inaugral exhibition, NGV, Melbourne.


2011 Finalist St Michaels Archangel Art Prize Melbourne.
2011 Winner, drawing category Waverly Art Prize Sydney.


2015 Drawing Paper #8. United Kingdom.
2012 Drawing Paper #5. United Kingdom.
2012 The Age Your weekend: In the galleries, Dan Rule, Melbourne.

Special Projects
Ongoing Ambush Exhibiting — Leaving works in public locations for people to find, documenting the results and broadcasting the locations using social media. #ambushexhibiting. Worldwide.