December 11, 2014

Ambush Exhibiting Devonport, Auckland New Zealand

Ambush Exhibiting in New Zealnd thanks to Foreign Correspondent Nicol Tonkin.

May have procrastinated on location for too long and too many days that rained so I just did it. am sitting in a cafe for a while hoping that someone passes with it while I am here. Hahaha good fun.

Great!! Thanks Nicol Yeah i do the same. I mean the work's for free so what's it matter where it goes?... but it does matter somehow... and then you hope someone takes it while you're there. I don't always get to watch them. great you've got a spot. What suburb? I'll put it on Instagram.
Devonport on the North Shore. 
People don't trust taking it. Have watched a few stop and the unease they display. I'm like TAKE IT.

Ha ha ha this is great! Some people drive across the city to try and get one of my works and I can't even give it away to others.
Let me know how it goes I have left it in the hands of the people.
Ahh thanks heaps. Now we waait. Sometimes i hear from them but many times I never know what happens to them. It's all part of it.

Update the next day via Instagram:

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