March 17, 2015

Ambush Exhibiting Calle de Jalapa in Roma Norte, Mexico City

Ambush Exhibiting in Mexico thanks to foreign Correspondent Jackie Hocking

Hey Troy

I've been back from Mexico now two weeks and every day I keep meaning to send you a pic of your painting in Mexico…
I carried it all over Mexico with me and to Cuba too and finally picked Calle de Jalapa in Roma Norte, Mexico City.
Jalapa was more or less the first place I was in when I got to Mexico as well so the street name was a great little coincidence. 
I'm sorry the photos are so blurry… must have been the fog I was in after a night of beers and Luche Libre.. very good fun…
I'm curious! Has anyone contacted you? (No)  I translated the note into Spanish and then I thought about going back and writing it in English but we had too much to do and see so I didn't go back. 
I hope your painting has gone to a cool home in Roma Norte or surrounds as this was a cool part of Mexico City.

Anyway see you soon.
Hasta luego amigo


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